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In the beginning, we knew that starting a company that would be competing with the larger well established firms of Falkirk & Stirling was never going to be an easy task. To brand yourself locally while being the new kid on the block is a mammoth challenge for any fledgling company to say the least, but we did have an ace up our sleeve.

uMove Removals of Falkirk began when 3 close friends who have all spent their days in the removals industry realised what was missing from the services offered by the big established firms. There was no local, personal one on one customer service, removals were bespoke and not tailored to the customers requirements and it was possible for the customer to get "lost" in a database full of other jobs in progress if one on one help was required.

We knew the industry, we knew the challenges of moving home and we knew the time was right to move out on our own and build a company focused entirely around the customer and frankly based on the principles that were lacking in others.


These are first and foremost...

 - Customer Service
 - Customer Satisfaction
 - Customer Recommendation


They say the best ideas are the simple ones, so we took it back to the basics.


Customer Service

The first of 3 principles.

Moving home is difficult, stressful and nerve racking by it's very nature. With uMove, you'll know that we're always at the end of a phone should you need help, advice or assistance in the run up to moving day. At uMove, you'll never have to "press 3 to speak to a customer service advisor". We'll offer reassurance where possible and help where needed.


Customer Satisfaction

The second of 3 principles.

When undertaking any service for a customer, our team is motivated by two questions. The first being - would this customer be happy to use us again?

Of course, we like to leave 100% of our customers happy, content and glad they booked their move with uMove. It's one of our founding principles and certainly a driving influence in any work we undertake.


Customer Recommendation

The third of 3 principles.

Much like customer satisfaction, the second question we keep in mind is - would this customer be comfortable recommending us to a friend or family member?

Customer recommendation is vital to us as a company. It shows we're of a standard worthy of being recommended and we're doing something right.


These three guiding principles are what we built our company on. They've served us well over the years and I'm sure will do into the future and goes to show that no other marketing strategy comes any where close to just plain old fashioned quality of service.

At time of writing I'm glad to say we're no longer the new kids on the block, nor the smallest removals company in the Forth Valley area but none the less, we like to think we'll never lose touch of how we began, where we are and how we got here.

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